Feiyu Tech G4 first test

GoPro Cameras take great quality video, however the problem can often be that the footage is shaky and unprofessional looking, particularly when filming moving subjects, ie: snowboarders!

Looking a bit like a selfie stick, but with some clever motors involved, the Feiyu Tech G4 aims to remove any unwanted shake. Below is my first test with the gadget. Despite running, and slipping on the snow, I think it does a pretty good job! 

I then simply connected my camera via wifi to my phone, uploaded the clips using the GoPro App, and then edited and uploaded to YouTube via the Quik App. So much simpler than when I used to film skateboard videos on MiniDV tapes, connect via a special cable to my old computer, edit on Final Cut Pro, then have to render and compress before it got anywhere near YouTube!

I look forward to taking the Feiyu Tech stabalizer onto the slopes soon and capturing some snowboard videos soon...